There are a few incompatible changes between v3 and v4 panel, please make sure you read the changes before upgrade.

  1. The builtin RTMP server's application name has changed from live to stream.

  2. The HLS 8888 port is no longer exists, it's using same panel administration port.

  3. The HLS output link has a /stream prefix added to the URI, for example: is changed to Also, a new stream id will be assigned to the stream 0, because v4 panel's stream id is start from 1.

  4. The HLS ABR settings is also changed now. In the v4 panel, you will need create multiple HLS outputs and add an additional HLS Master output for select the HLS outputs you created.
  5. Login to the and go to the client area for reissue your license key, go to the Servers > Manage Servers tab, click the second icon at settings column for open the license page, and reactivate you license key.

Upgrade Instructions

  1. Backup the old v3 panel.

    cp -r /opt/xaccel-codec ~/xaccel-codec-v3-backup
  2. Run upgrade command. (default login username and password are: admin)

    bash ./ -i


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