Computer Vision Delogo option is for utilize the computer vision technology to detect and remove any visible and dynamic logo or watermark. Since it's computer vision, so you can not assume it will working 100% at any time. But if your logo or watermark is very clear or big. It should be able to detect it all the time. You'll need prepare a sample logo or watermark image in order to use this option.

Here is the steps:

  • You have to use VLC to watch the source stream which contains the logo or watermark. and use Video > Snapshot option to take the snapshot when the logo or watermark show on the screen. Make sure the logo or watermark is clear(like show on green grass or some pure color background) when you take the snapshot.

  • Install the GIMP from You can skip this step if you have GIMP installed already.

  • Use GIMP open the snapshot image. Click Tools > Selection Tools > Rectangle Select and select the logo or watermark only. Then click Image > Crop to Selection. Finally click File > Export As to save the cropped image in jpg or png format. And this is the sample image we needed.

  • Login to the X Acceleration Codec panel. Go to File > Manage File tab and upload the sample image.

  • Finally go to the stream settings page. Select the sample image that you just uploaded in the Computer Vision Delogo option and save.

If any dynamic logo or watermark image is detected. It will print the coordinates and size message to the stream log.

There is a Video Delogo option is available since from 3.1.0 version. It's for remove any static logo or watermark. You must specify both x, y, width and height for enable this option. So you may need to adjust the values a few times for the best result.

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