# User


To use this user management feature, you need create some bouquets and packages first.

# User

The user can only access the contents that available in their package. You can go to User > Add User page for add the user, and assign a package to it. If you are login to the panel as Reseller or Sub-Reseller, the credits will be subtracted from your account for pay the package.

# Package Rules

Once the user you added, you will see the options for Renew Package, Change Package, Cancel Package options in the User Settings page, here is some rules:

  • If the user's package is expired many days ago, renew or change the package will calculate the expire date from now.
  • If the user package is changed, it will use the new package price and the remaining credits of old package to calculate the expire date for new package.
  • If the user package is cancelled, it will calculate the remaining credits and add it back to your account.

# Playlist Download

You can go to User > Manage Users page, click the icon at settings column, it will show you the M3U playlist and EPG URL. Also, you can use Protocol option for choose which type of URL to be generated in the M3U playlist, but if the stream don't have such output protocol, then it will be ignored in the M3U playlist.

# Bouquet

The bouquet function is for grouping the live stream and VOD content, so you can use the bouquets you added to create the package easily.

You can go to Bouquet > Add Bouquet page, fill the bouquet name, and use the mouse click the select or deselect the streams, movies or series for this bouquet.

# Package

The package is for define the contents inside it and the price. The package you created will be available in the User Settings page.

You can go to Package > Add Package page for add the package, we are using credits system internal for Reseller, Sub-Reseller and User. For more details, please check the account rules.